Monday, June 7, 2010


FRIENDS!!! We had the pleasure of having breakfast and dinner with our best friends today. Breakfast was with Carol and Bob (after church)...friends since we all met working together in 1979. Well, Tommy knew them both long before I came along, to Ridgecrest, in 1979. Carol and I became friends pretty quickly but our friendship really grew when we were both not working and had time to do things together. We have walked, exercised, shopped, gone away for trips, scrapbooked, taken each other to dr. appts., and about 25 years of lunches out together!! Oh there's lots more...we've done so many things together! Carol also helped me (was my "cashier") for about 10 years when I had my Mary Kay Christmas many memories!!

Tonight we had dinner with our other best friends Ronnie and Nancy. Ronnie is also our contractor..he redid our home in Ridgecrest and now he's fixing up our Port Hueneme house too! Tommy and Ronnie go to lunch at least once a week. Nancy is a dear friend too, she's even gone to Ireland with me 3 times! We've done lots of things together as well...lots of out of town trips to do fun things! We met Ronnie and Nancy at a bible study we had in our home back in 1997, we became fast friends. We have laughed and cried together many times.

Our moving is going to create holes in our hearts...we're going to miss our friends...terribly. I'm beginning to realize home much Ridgecrest has been home to us. Nothing is easy in life, is it? Nothing comes without stretching ourselves, experiencing pain. Change is not easy. What are we giving up to live by the sea?
What are we giving up to "have a new adventure?"....will it be worth it? Moving to where "Nobody knows your name". They have no history with me/us. There have been no laughs to share, no sadnesses tears shed together. These are the things that bond you together. Are we too old to even think we can find this kind of friendship again? Maybe. Maybe everyone has their friends already. Maybe they are too busy for us. It took time to invest in these relationships..maybe no one will want to invest in us. Who knows. The Lord knows. He knows our hearts. He knows that we love our Ridgecrest friends, all our friends really. He knows what we need before we even need it. The Lord will fill those holes in our hearts. We are not losing our friends, we're only moving a short distance, the scope of things.
So, my prayer is that the Lord will guide us through this new life, but our friends will always be our friends.Our friends are the ones who know our faults and love us anyway. As I told Ronnie tonight...we're not just friends...we're family.


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