Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gosh, April is almost gone!!

Yikes, I thought we'd be much further with our beach house renovations than we are now! Oh well...all in God's timing, right? Everthing seems to take longer than we thought and every nook and cranny needs "something". We were busy re-creating our guest bedroom that we have in Ridgecrest to our house in PH last weekend. We are painting the top of the walls in a Ralph Lauren blue (very dark, nautical) and the bottom of the walls are beadboard and painted a semi-gloss Whisper the contrast. Painting the dark color is not easy!! We had it all done in Ridgecrest and in PH we are doing it ourselves. I will still have to go back and go over some areas where you can see some differences in coverage...ugh!!

On the bright side we sure love the beautiful weather in Port Hueneme! We still can't believe that we go around the block and there is the beach!!

We are also having fun trying out new restaurants...we tried a Thai Restaurant in PH called The Blue Elephant" and loved it and also had a nice pizza (fabulous whole wheat crust) at the California Pizza Kitchen at the Pacific View Mall (yeah, I'll actually have a Mall!!).

We are still going between our Ridgecrest house and our beach house in PH so we are not moved in yet...its giving us time to adjust to the whole idea of leaving Ridgecrest which will not be easy in many ways. However, this is all giving me new meaning to the saying "Life's a beach"

Here's a picture of the PH house in the Spring, taken the other day! And, roses from the backyard!