Saturday, February 20, 2010


One of my desert house neighbors is moving next week. We have lived down the street from each other for over 27 years...I know it will be hard to say goodby. However, at least she is moving to a town where we will be going through on our way to Texas to visit dh family, so we will see them again. However, it won't be the same. Another neighbor moved (everyone's retiring!!) recently too and we will be next. We will miss this neighborhood fact, we will probably never experience this again...we have keys to each others houses, watched dogs, picked up mail, saw kids grow up and move away, cooked meals when a family member passed away or when there was another need. We took care of what needed to be done many, many times. This is hard to find. All these years we have had an annual garage sale the Sat. before Memorial weekend...and, then that evening we had a block party at the end of the block and (in the early years when we were all younger), some of us would sit out late and talk...the last few years we were back in our houses by 9:00 or maybe 10:00pm!! At Christmas we have a "house to house Christmas party"...usually with 3 houses hosting, the last house being dessert. Its always been a nice way to catch up on what everyone is doing and what their plans for Christmas are, etc. Everyone has always enjoyed it. I am going to miss those things.