Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cleaning Ladies!

Wednesday's (well, every other Wed.) is our cleaning ladies day! Its always a busy morning for me because, well, you know, I have to CLEAN before they get understand, don't you? You never want people to see how you REALLY live...its much better to have people think you live a compeletely spotless life!! Ha!! So, I run around like a chicken with my head cut off and clean...well, mostly I "pick up"...pick up all my/our junk and move that junk to another spot...where it does not look so, um, junky!! Laundry is another big chore...there's always tons of that to do. How can that be with just 2 of us is beyond me...the other 2 living in this house at least don't wear clothes!! However, evidence of their very existence is scattered all around the house...othewise know as "pet hair" But, that's ok..they are worth it!!

I won't be having cleaning ladies at our new, I will just "cowgirl up" (or will it be "surfer girl" up???) and clean the place myself!! Now let me say that I have had the same lady since the early 90's!! In fact, her mom was my original cleaning lady. Over the years almost everyone in her family has cleaned my takes a village?? Yeah, even her grandfather used to come and he'd do the kitchen!! Her dad helped out once and I think her brother too?? What a family affair!! So, I will enjoy the luxury of having my floors swept and cleaned and dust taken care of...for awhile...until its time to go.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday is a busy day for me...the morning is Scrapbooking and the evening is Agility!! I am going to miss both when we move to the sea....I can do both elsewhere...but, the faces will be different!! Oh, not my doggie faces...those will be with me for a long, long time (please God!!)...the people's faces!! Can you tell, I am a "relational" person...relationships mean a lot to me! So, I am glad that both my money, hobbies (haha) are on, when I come back to visit I can do both in one day.....I'll be asking my dear, lovely, wonderful Ridgecrest friends for a bed or couch or blow up mattress to lay my head on...and a warm place for my doggies too!! I am looking forward to returing the favor, and often, at my house by the sea....

Pictures will be up soon of scrapbooking and agility!!
Today, being Tuesday, is my Scrapbooking Day...I gather with several other ladies to scrapbook for a few hours...ok, I don't always get much done...its also a great time to share our lives and I do get alot of that done!! haha...I will miss this gathering very, very much when I move...we've been getting together for at least 7 years. I hope to make it up to Ridgecrest once a month and join my group to see everyone and catch up...and, maybe do some scrapbooking!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Its Sunday and we thank God for a beautiful sunny day here in the Mojave Desert...thank you Lord for loving us and taking care of us!

We met with our dear friend and contractor today (over lunch after church) to go over the next projects on the beach house. Some of the projects are: making a very useless "linen closet" (which would not really hold in linens, even the previous owners did not use it for that) into a book case...I love books! Also, re-doing several door trims, adding beadboard to one guest room.

This blog is different from many that are about decorating, etc. in that we are not "DIY'ers"....we can paint though!! DH is handy but there is more work to be done that we have time for and our dear friend/contractor is much faster and is available!! Mind you, its a 3 hour drive from our desert home. So, its a good option for all of us. I do love decorating and know what I like but can't always come up with ideas...that is where other blogs have helped me tremendously!! We want our new "beach house" to be "ours"...a reflection of us...., a fun place for friends to come vist and feel comfortable...and a house that truly is a "HOME".

We hope you stay tuned to see our adventure unfold....

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Here we are near where we live...well, we really do live in a real neighborhood but this is the terrain near us...this is actually at Burro Schmidt's Tunnel.