Sunday, September 19, 2010

Captain's Bedroom

Yeah, finally a room is finished...well, for those of us who love to decorate, a room is really never finished, huh? I have already (after these pictures) changed a few things (that aren't in this view anyway...but I'll include them on the full remodel post eventually!). We are calling this the "Captain's bedroom" since its done in a Ralph Lauren Blue, a very dark blue that is hard to paint against a very shiny white! We hope that this room is a cozy retreat for friends and family to enjoy when they come visit us in our little cottage the sea.
Hi everyone!! Well, no entries for awhile...sorry! Its been a bit crazy for me. On July 18 I got dizzy and Tommy took me into the ER in Oxnard. From that I saw a Neurologist who determined that I was not getting enough sleep. OK, so shortly after that I started having bad neck pain, nothing helped (not the Chiropractor, not massages) so after awhile of that I went to my regular Dr. and then had an xray of my neck. Then, my Dr. sent me to an Orthopaedic/Rehabilitation/Pain Specialist Dr. He said my neck Xray was fine and wanted a Brain MRI done...yikes! So, got that done (not fun being claustrophobic...yes, it was an "open MRI" but when they are doing your brain you have to wear this horrible helmet...I just prayed for everyone I could think of...that's how I got through it..thank you Lord!). The Tech. said he did not see anything that jumped out at him and the Dr. office said they would call if there was something terribly, no call...thank you God!! In the meantime they have given me some pain meds. and they are working pretty good...I see the Dr. Oct. 1...hope they can help me!

During all this I have been painting, lining cupboards, and going back and forth to Ridgecrest moving furniture..finally, we are moving furniture in!! We are still not done...we are doing the rest of the work ourselves and we are slow! However, the house is looking more like a home and less like a construction zone!! Its looking like the Cape Cod cottage I have wanted! I will post pictures soon...of the "Captain's" bedroom...its all finished! The other rooms are just not finished so I want to get them done before I post pictures! So stay tuned!!

Thanks for all the prayers too while I've gone through this!!

Hugs to you all,