Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gosh, April is almost gone!!

Yikes, I thought we'd be much further with our beach house renovations than we are now! Oh well...all in God's timing, right? Everthing seems to take longer than we thought and every nook and cranny needs "something". We were busy re-creating our guest bedroom that we have in Ridgecrest to our house in PH last weekend. We are painting the top of the walls in a Ralph Lauren blue (very dark, nautical) and the bottom of the walls are beadboard and painted a semi-gloss Whisper the contrast. Painting the dark color is not easy!! We had it all done in Ridgecrest and in PH we are doing it ourselves. I will still have to go back and go over some areas where you can see some differences in coverage...ugh!!

On the bright side we sure love the beautiful weather in Port Hueneme! We still can't believe that we go around the block and there is the beach!!

We are also having fun trying out new restaurants...we tried a Thai Restaurant in PH called The Blue Elephant" and loved it and also had a nice pizza (fabulous whole wheat crust) at the California Pizza Kitchen at the Pacific View Mall (yeah, I'll actually have a Mall!!).

We are still going between our Ridgecrest house and our beach house in PH so we are not moved in yet...its giving us time to adjust to the whole idea of leaving Ridgecrest which will not be easy in many ways. However, this is all giving me new meaning to the saying "Life's a beach"

Here's a picture of the PH house in the Spring, taken the other day! And, roses from the backyard!



  1. Hi Patti, I was reading the comments on A Beach Cottage blog and for some reason your comment caught my eye. . . When I came to your blog I saw that you are moving to Port Hueneme. I have been there twice - the last time was Jan. 2010. We had two family members on Alaska Airlines crash and we came to a 10th year memorial service on the beach near the monument. Have you seen it? I think I would like living in Port Hueneme. It seems like a nice little town.

  2. Hi sorry to read that you lost two family members in that crash. Must have been devistating. We did go to the 10th anniversary but got there towards the end, we saw people walk down to the beach. We went because it seems to be a part of Port Hueneme. The people here felt a part of it all. My husband and I went to try to learn more about our new town.

    We are still trying to move here, we are fixing up the house we bought and its taking usa long time since we live 3 hours away. I hope to be all done in July. Port Hueneme is a cute little port and base far we really like it.

    I hope to put up some "before and afters" so stay tuned. I could not find a way to respond to you other than you have a blog?

    Again, so sorry for your loss.


  3. Thank you for replying. Yes, the town of Port Hueneme was and still is very involved in the crash. First during the rescue, which of course, turned into recovery. The hotel where most of us stay (country Inn) goes out of its way to make us comfortable and the local people are very nice.

    If you are at the memorial look for the names Joyce Lake and Ron Lake. Their names are on the ocean side of the memorial.

    When we were last there I got a book written by a local woman. She lives in sight of the memorial and takes walks through the pretty little park nearby. She writes of her feelings and observations. I can't remember her name or the name of the book and I have loaned it to my sister. If I lived there I would want to be her friend. I'm sure if you ask around you will find her.

    I envy you to be able to live near the ocean. I live in land-locked Mexico, MO. LOL However I do get my beach "fix" each winter in Mexico (the country) and in July I take my daughter and granddaughter to Sanibel Island. We love the beach!

    Again, thanks for replying and maybe I will meet you next time I am in Port Hueneme. There is a service each year, but we don't always come.

    Sue Austin

  4. Hi Sue,
    Thanks for becoming a follower to my blog!! I really hope to get more pict. on here but have been soo busy! We are in the process of moving to Port Hueneme...we live in the middle of the Mojave Desert right now! So, I know all about wanting to live by the beach! This is a dream for me too. We go back and forth each week painting the PH house, etc. We hope to move in this summer...but things are taking so long! We'll see.

    Funny that you mentioned that book...I have it too!! I bought it over at Anacappachino (the little coffee place across from the hotel)...I forgot the name of it and the women's name but I have it somewhere in my packing mess...thought it would be nice for guests to read when they visit.

    I sure will look for those names next time at the memorial site..and say a prayer as well. What was your relationship to them? I can't imagine how hard that must have been for you and for all their family. What a very terrible time for all and so sad. I think the memorial is a very nice one.

    I'd love to meet you next time you come to Port Hueneme! Keep checking out the blog and I hope to get it more interesting but with 2 houses and going back and forth and everything else I can't seem to keep up. you live in Missouri?

    Take care,