Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Decorating decisions!!!

Yikes!! Decorating decisions!! Fun, yes! Hard to make? Yes!! Don't get me wrong..I LOVE to decorate!! LOVE IT!! But, I just can't seem to decide on so many things!! For instance, in one of the guest rooms (we'll have two...hoping for lots of company!) I could not decide on what color to paint the, I finally went with my favorite white..."Whisper White" by Dunn Edwards. Whisper is a soft, warm white and I'm glad now that is what I will be restful to the eyes and will allow other color into the room. OK, phew, another decision made. But so many others still to go.

Baseboards....I've been seeing them in magazines and other blogs that are more squared off, no fancy designs, just plain...they seem to go good with a beachy look but would love to hear from other people what they think of them...and, 3 inches is what we can find usually should we look for something higher like 4 inches?

Light plugs? Go with the ones we've always known and had with the little on/off switch...or, install the bigger kind that you press down on, that the switch is wider...these are more work to install. Will it really matter? Does it really make that much of a difference? Questions, questions!!

I need to get more pictures up and I will try to do take some this weekend...that way you can see what I am talking about.

Anyway, we are coming along with the remodeling...carpet is coming up next week and all the ceilings will be painted next week too. If you have any ideas on baseboards or light plugs, etc. bring 'em on!!

Pictures!!! coming soon!!

Thanks for reading!

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