Friday, July 16, 2010

What to color the walls above the Board and Batten treatment?

I need your help!! Help me figure out a paint color for the top of my bedroom walls.
Here's the plan!! The walls will be painted a creamy white (not sure about that color either???..any ideas?)...with "board and batten" about every 16 inches. (This is vertical boards, about 2 inches wide going up the wall and its capped off with a horizontal board that is a bit wider)..we'll be going up the wall with the boards about 65 inches up...that will leave a few feet of wall above the "board and batten".

My furniture colors are: a greenish blue bed and a matching TV Deck/Armour, a white dresser and an antique little dresser piece that I might paint in the creamy white???. I still need nightstands...white? antique? ???

Any ideas are welcomed!! First off I really need the color that is to go on the top of the walls (above board and batten)...thinking: chocolate or dark caramel color, or a sandy taupey color? Or?????

Thanks for any help!!!



  1. The flooring is a dark Hickory hard wood. Wanting a "beachy" feel to the room...the Coastal Living furniture (the greenish blue stuff) will give it that for the most part.

    I love the idea of a chocolate color!! What do you think??

  2. I'm no help with choosing paint colors. I just wanted to say "Hi".