Monday, June 7, 2010

The dresser

Here's the dresser I bought...its still at the warehouse since we don't have our utility trailer yet (its being painted..don't want to show up to our new neighborhood looking like the Beverly Hillbillies!!). Its pretty plain but I just loved, loved, loved those dresser knobs!! They are the same knobs as the TV deck.
I don't like the look of "matchy matchy" but I do want the room to I'm thinking this dresser and the bed in white...the TV deck and the nightstands in the blueish green color...with the nightstand having louvered cabinet drawers. Just enough of cohesion but with some color variation.

With doing board and batten on the walls up to above the headboard I am thinking of painting the wall above that. What color? Blues? Browns? A very light white??? Want the room to be like a beach side retreat...calming, relaxing, not fussy, beachy.

Help and thanks!!! Any other ideas are very, totally welcomed! Thank you in advance!

Hugs to all,

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