Sunday, September 19, 2010

Captain's Bedroom

Yeah, finally a room is finished...well, for those of us who love to decorate, a room is really never finished, huh? I have already (after these pictures) changed a few things (that aren't in this view anyway...but I'll include them on the full remodel post eventually!). We are calling this the "Captain's bedroom" since its done in a Ralph Lauren Blue, a very dark blue that is hard to paint against a very shiny white! We hope that this room is a cozy retreat for friends and family to enjoy when they come visit us in our little cottage the sea.


  1. It is lovely! I love the dark blue contrasting against the white! It looks very cozy and tranquil. Enjoy it!!

  2. Hey,

    It's Sarah from the Just Beachy posting. I couldn't find your e-mail so I am posting here. I got the table for my 'office' from Pottery Barn.

    Thanks - Sarah